Cluster Skewness is the major problem in today’s date. uneven Kafka partition load on broker node or unbalanced cluster can generate unnecessary disk, CPU problems, or even the need to add another broker to handle unexpected traffic.

To solve this real-time problem, Linked-in came up with a solution called Linkedin Cruise-control. It is an open-sourced Kafka Tool that helps automate and manage Kafka clusters, up to a certain level. Added a REST interface to help with the administration of Kafka clusters remotely, a centralised dashboard to operate and check the status of any Kafka cluster at LinkedIn. …

As I was struggling to setup local minikube for testing my deployment and I don't want to use cloud service for this so, here is what I followed:

Installing minikube in windows 10 home → VirtualBox

  1. Install kubectl ( latest version)
  2. Install VirtualBox:
  3. Install

4. Create a folder in any drive. Put the kubectl and minikube binaries into the folder (kubernetes) and Set env variable for kubectl and minikube.

ex: C:\kubernetes

5. Open command prompt, check kubectl version and minikube version

client version and minikube version

6. Start minikube using: ‘minikube start’.

It will start downloading minikube ISO then kubernetes binary

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What are Automated Testing Frameworks:

Software testing is a crucial part of the development cycle as it ensures good quality deliverables to the users. Every company focuses on testing, and most of them are tending towards automation testing over manual testing. Automation testing saves lots of time, effort, and cost needed by resources.

The automation testing framework is a collection of the test environment, tools, processes, and reports of the application under test. The test environment should be a set of infrastructure where the application is going to run, so simulating the same environment in the automation testing framework. Tools…

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