Minikube setup in Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Enterprise

Neha Singh
3 min readOct 23, 2020

As I was struggling to setup local minikube for testing my deployment and I don't want to use cloud service for this so, here is what I followed:

Installing minikube in windows 10 home → VirtualBox

  1. Install kubectl ( latest version)
  2. Install VirtualBox:
  3. Install

4. Create a folder in any drive. Put the kubectl and minikube binaries into the folder (kubernetes) and Set env variable for kubectl and minikube.

ex: C:\kubernetes

5. Open command prompt, check kubectl version and minikube version

client version and minikube version

6. Start minikube using: ‘minikube start’.

It will start downloading minikube ISO then kubernetes binary

7. Options checks :

Get kubernetes nodes:

“kubectl get nodes”

kubernets node

so minikube comes with 1 single node, which will use VirtualBox.

8. Enable minikube dashboard → it will display the gui

“minikube dashboard”

starting minikube dashboard
minikube dashboard

Installing Minikube in windows 10 Enterprise→ Hyper-V/VirtualBox

The only difference in installing Minikube in windows 10 Enterprise is that, there we can simply enable Hyper-V. You can either enable Virtualization settings for Hyper-V or install Oracle Virtual Box on your machine. You can choose either of these. But its not the case with windows 10 home. It don't comes with Hyper-V by default


  1. Enable Hyper-V from Programs and feature → Turn on windows features on or off →Hyper-V
Enabling HyperV

It will need a Restart after this.

2. Open command prompt run as Administrator → check the systeminfo, you will see.

3. Open command prompt run as Administrator and run Minikube

minikube start

Starting Minikube

4. And you are good to execute Kubernetes command and play around:

5. For stopping use

minikube stop

Minikube stop

and you can revert back the Hyper-V if not needed.( As it may create problem if you are using other virtual box or workstations)

This how you can setup you local kubernetes environment and execute and test your manifests



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